Since 2003, Academic Publishing Services (APS) has supported Washington University faculty development by providing education and training in scientific writing and editing, manuscript publishing, grant proposal development, and oral presentation skills. For faculty who need individualized editorial services, APS manages an Editorial Services Directory of qualified freelance writers and editors who, for a fee, provide writing and editing assistance for manuscripts, book chapters, grant proposals, and other forms of written communication.

For more information, send an email to Karen Dodson or call her at 362-4181.

APS Services


Edit journal manuscripts, book chapters, grant proposals, poster text, and web pages that have biomedical content


Check and correct galley proofs and other forms leading to print

Reference Verification and Formatting*

Verify accuracy of bibliographic information using PubMed and other resources; format references using EndNote and other software programs

Obtaining Permissions*

Assistance with obtaining permission to use copyrighted text and graphics

Full Service*

Edit and proofread from first through final draft of manuscript, submit to journal, proofread all forms leading to print, follow-up with publisher

Project Management*

Manage books in production; develop, implement and evaluate communications programs within individual departments

Educational Programs

Develop and conduct a variety of seminars, workshops and classes (school-wide and departmental) about publishing and grant writing


Assist with PowerPoint presentations, other services as requested

*These services are outsourced through our Editorial Services Directory. Fees charged are negotiated directly with the independent contractor (freelancer).